Island Day Trip

Yesterday I went snorkelling at Tivua Island, but before we talk about that I need to tell you about the boat trip out there.

It took about an hour from Port Denarau. We were first on the sail boat and were greeted with a bula and a drink.

Once everyone got on board we set sail. The crew performed a traditional welcome ceremony with kava and my Dad was chief for the day.

When we arrived on the Island I found a cabana that had a bean bag and had a rest for a while. My Dad also let me fly his drone.

I had a relax before lunch and after I went snorkelling with my Dad.

The first fish we saw was a Black Tip Reef Shark, it shocked me to see it up close. We also saw some Clown Fish, and some Garfish that looked like baby swordfish. I saw lots of Star Fish, Sea Urchins, and Sea Slugs. The most dangerous animal I saw would have to be the Sea Urchin because it had such long spikes! There was also some really lazy fish just lying on the sea floor.

Snorkelling was lots of fun, because the fish swam next to me, and I’ve never done that before.

The boat ride back was really hot because there wasn’t much of a breeze, but it was OK because the Crew sang songs and played the guitar on the way back.

I had a great day.

Travis Packer @travispacker